Organic & Wellness Guest House Krennleiten – About us

We are developing step by step, with a light touch and your support, into an oasis for a healthy and happy life in tune with nature.

In us, you will find knowledgeable conversation partners and advisers to questions on a beneficial diet, natural cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle, aroma and bach flower therapy.

Ecological laundry detergent and household cleaners have naturally been in use here for years.

The water flowing throughout the house is revitalised by Grander Technology and the electricity in the cables is green energy from NATURSTROM.

In 2001, we because a non-smoking house (IN FRONT of the house, there is a small meeting point for smokers), since 2003, the breakfast ingredients are also all organically grown or are made from the herbs and fruits in our garden. In 2010, we were connected to the BIOENERGY BERCHTESGADEN and since then we obtain our heat and warm water from renewable resources from the region (wood). In 2011, the “PRACTICE LIVING LIFE” opened, extending our programme to include a whole range of wellness and healing treatments.

We consciously reduce the media stream to a minimum (one TV and a Radio/CD player in the Breakfast and Recreation Room). Why not “abstain” during your whole stay? The view from every window of the house offers a much more interesting programme than any TV channel, and namely in every season and all weathers.

Moreover, our inhouse library awaits your discovery in the stairwell, where you may browse in one of several hundred books.